Plenty of referrals upon request...

We get the vast majority of our work through referrals and treat our clients as though our next 3 jobs depend on their satisfaction with our work.  We welcome you to visit some approved sites to see our work and will even pass along contact info from some of our previous clients.  We are proud to call many of our client "friends"!

"John and the team were an absolute pleasure to deal with and erased all of the fears involved in a large landscaping project.  Their attention to detail, pride of workmanship and general attitude are why we so highly recommend them to any and all who ask.  It is rare to find a contractor today who you can trust and at the end of the a friend."  

Bill & Aneesa Tighe - Sharon, Ontario

Why do prices differ by so much?

We are not the most expensive and we are not the least but, essentially, it all comes down to quality.  The companies who quote cheap on price still need to make money - so what do they do?  Most likely they will scrape the dirt, lay the brick and take your money.  The job may look great but, usually around one or two years later you will notice it start to move, sink, lift and, by then, the company you paid is long gone.  Then you have to pay to do it again.  So, what should you ask?

  • How much base do you generally lay down prior to installing the brick? 

You will want, on average, at least 6 inches but it can entirely depend on your unique soil and moisture conditions.  We have often excavated many times that depth to ensure a solid foundation for the pavers.  

  • How long have you been in business and do your warranty your work? Can I check references?

Look for someone who has been around more than a few years, has a list of clients, references and jobs you can go see.  We have been been operating under the same name, from the same place for over 25 years.  We have a long list of customers you can speak with, visit etc.  

  • What type of equipment do you use?

Established, experienced operations will have invested in a range of equipment that is up to the task.  If there is a problem, water, tree stumps, rocks, excavation you want a company who has the equipment to do the job.  You will pay more if they have a shovel and wheelbarrow in man hours than you will the cost of the right equipment.  We have a full range of equipment - big stuff for wide open large jobs and small stuff for tight spaces and more careful work.  

  • Are they GREEK?  

Kidding.  I am completely biased but expect an experienced, passionate and friendly greek owner named John to do the talking (sometimes a lot of it). :)

  • Do you offer a guarantee?

Most will say they do but can you visit a job site where the owner supports that they made good on that warranty?  We can.  If they can't then what good is a warranty?  

These are BIG jobs that require experience, equipment and care.  A simple mistake or lack of of any of these things can cause tremendous damage to your home and lives.  Be diligent, careful and thorough in gathering quotes and worry more about your sense (based on the above) than something as simple as cost.  The inexpensive job will be the most expensive...almost always.  The most expensive will very likely be done right but perhaps you didn't need to pay that much.  Go with an educated opinion and a company you know you can trust and that offers guarantees.